The aim of this site is to pull together information on mental health care for ambulance service staff and students. This covers pre-hospital care for patients, and the mental health of staff and colleagues.

Let’s get something straight. At the time of writing, I’m a writer. I’m not employed by an ambulance service, though I have plans to do so in the future.

I created this website because I found it difficult to find information on this subject myself. I certainly couldn’t find all the information I wanted in one place.

I am writing as an interested party. This allows me to present the different view-points I encounter. I want to provide enough information to facilitate learning, decision making and debate.

I have heard it said repeatedly that ambulance crews don’t feel like they are adequately trained to help patients who are experiencing mental health crises. Could I pull together information to help call handlers and crews? I am interested in caring for patients’ mental health, during traumatic situations. Can we improve their resilience, in the moment?

Maintaining employees’ mental health is an ongoing process. It requires attention by individuals and by their employer. In line with work being done elsewhere in removing the stigma from mental health, I will be straightforward about this subject.

Coming in from “the outside” I have the chance to look at this subject with fresh eyes. No preconceptions. No sense of how things are done around here. It makes it easier to challenge the status quo as I have no idea whose toes I might tread upon, which sacred cows I might harm, which cliché-filled traps I may fall into. I am prepared to ask the stupid, naïve questions. I’m relying on you to correct me or disagree with me – respectfully, please.

A thousand mile journey starts with one step. My journey starts with this one page. It will grow with your feedback, your input.

What subjects do you want to see addressed?

Got something to add? A correction to make? Completely disagree?

Would you like to write a page from your own experience or research?

Know someone who has experience or insights that you’d love to see shared here?

Please get in touch.

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